Monochrome Soccer Kid - created by NuTz123

Monochrome Soccer Kid
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soccer kid in black and white (5 years and 1005 days ago)

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Balancing Act - created by shivkumar menon

Balancing Act
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Step 1 - Source image downloaded.

Step 2 - The soccer kid image was selected with Pen tool for a cutout

Step 3: Cutout of soccer kid pasted on a new document

Step 4: Puppet warp used to make kid’s posture

Step 5 - Removed all images from the background using content-aware scale

Step 6 - Ropes and wood supports created

Step 7 - Cutout of soccer kid dragged and placed on rope of background scene

Step 8 – Finally, added a stick to the hands of the kid to maintain the balancing act

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(5 years and 1006 days ago)