Beastly Bee - created by nilknarfsoive

Beastly Bee
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From burger to bee... All items from the original source... (5 years and 1088 days ago)

The Scouting Party - created by greymval

The Scouting Party
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A team of scouts discovers the invading forces advancing through the forest.

I would like to mention & thank Marcus Ranum, for his quality stock. Mouse drawing the characters would have taken me another 2 days to finish the entry.
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The Desert - created by George55

The Desert
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Mom says "NO BURGER" - created by kushpatel

Mom says NO BURGER
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Because High Cholesterol is injurious for health... (5 years and 1085 days ago)

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burgopter-CBZ - created by kushpatel

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only source image is used.see sbs for detail
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