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I think everyone loves superheroes and probably thought of being one. In this contest use photos, names, avatars, or anyother type feature known about your favorite Pxleyes member and make them a superhero or villian.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: woodztockr

woodztockr: Holy cow, Batman, two weeks in a row... I have got to start being nicer around here... lol... for real! Thank you so much! ( 5 years and 2312 days ago )
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Howdie stranger!
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THE MOD ! - created by Glockman

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The Mod, -- a integral part of any web community, They are just your average everyday person who puts forth that extra little effort to help keep the community running smoothly.
Always there to lend a hand or give advise to those who may need it.They try to keep discourse to a minimum between members and are ever present and ready to enforce the rules laid out in the F.A.Q.
BUT !!! don't you sometimes get that feeling that they lay an wait, just to pounce on the unsuspecting member to strike fear of having their entry pulled for some trivial reason that makes no sense. Or that they harass you for piddly little things like missed source links, or using a unauthorized something or other ?? Yes they can be brutally ruthless to the unsuspecting , and if you constantly nag and try to set them straight on matters---POW !!!
The ultimate weapon is unleashed upon you, yep you got it

Ps. this is all in fun of course and I do want to be around next week. Mr mod , you want a cookie ?? (5 years and 2307 days ago)

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Wazowski - created by Chalty669

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aka Henk. Everything done on this image was done from the interview answers on Wazowski's profile page. It was really hard for me to dumb down the details to make it look like the simpsons. I hope it resembles Henk enough. (5 years and 2309 days ago)

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Da Ranga - created by lchappell

Da Ranga
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Defender of Truth, Justice and The Pxleyes Way. Not to mention he's a fellow Space Cadet. Thanks for your service Rein! You old Space Dog. (5 years and 2304 days ago)

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GlockMan - created by Nator

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The GlockMan.

Doesn't need a mask like all those other heros, he is too cool for that...after all he is a PXL member. (5 years and 2306 days ago)

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