Bassnectar - created by bddesign

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EDIT: added liquid gold pollen dust to the petals and speaker edge for an added effect.

check out videos of bassnectar's music/live sets in the sources links... please watch the 'highly recommend watching' links... they really show what bassnectar is all about and what kind of raw energy you find at a bassnectar show.. hot s***!

song in the video is bassnectar's track "here we go"... please check out the video... if you like electronic music, but are unfamiliar with bassnectar, then i promise you wont be disappointed.

bass so sweet, its like nectar... woot! 1 man show, bassnectar is a dubstep producer with some of the most massive tracks in the underground electronic music scene today... (5 years and 1580 days ago)

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Guns n' Roses - created by fabter

Guns n Roses
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My interpretation of one of my favourite bands. I use rose bud bullets which explode into many rose petals. (5 years and 1582 days ago)

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The Lizard King - created by freejay

The Lizard King
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(5 years and 1580 days ago)

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My Chemical Romance - created by artbybambi

My Chemical Romance
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R.E.M. - created by Drivenslush

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