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Photoshop a new world record. Show us the man with 12 toes on one foot, the longest fingernails, the most flexible woman in the world,... and so on. It can be an existing world record or you can make one up yourself. You can find a lot of world records here.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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Seven Fingers in one hand - created by rbrum

Seven Fingers in one hand
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(5 years and 2437 days ago)

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Knotty Girl - created by Drivenslush

Knotty Girl
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my photo (5 years and 2435 days ago)

LongestBungeeFromShortestLimb - created by woodztockr

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Thanks mai05 and stockdot (notified) (5 years and 2434 days ago)

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Rubik Cube - created by igogolf

Rubik Cube
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Still capture from video for the youngest person to solve a Rubik Cube.
Don't ask me how the cube got there. (5 years and 2435 days ago)

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