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Would the real KIWI please sta Picture

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kiwi source image
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Would the real KIWI please sta - created by ibmaxed

Would the real KIWI please sta
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Being a Kiwi, thought i had better get the record straight. :-).
A kiwi is a nocturnal, flightless bird. Or a kiwi is a new Zealander like me. What the source image is "Kiwi fruit" or to be more precise kiwi fruit slices.

The moon and landscape images are my own. (5 years and 1552 days ago)

at your service - created by steed

at your service
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thanx to Clix for the reference image (5 years and 1549 days ago)

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Mask - created by ramesan

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(5 years and 1550 days ago)

Everyone needs a vacation. - created by davidlobosco

Everyone needs a vacation.
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only used the baby image and source
(thanks to bjearwicke for the perfect baby snapshot)

what i did:
-cut out kiwi from bg
-added shading to right eye
-manipulated left eye
-shaded left eye (5 years and 1553 days ago)

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Advanced Kiwi's, 1961 - created by rjapzdesign

Advanced Kiwis, 1961
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In the early 60's, in the mountain hills of north Korea, live the Buddhist monks at the Golgul Temple. Four dark greenish disc shape flying objects, was witness and reported by one of the monks while walking south of the hills along the Golgul river. He said the object looked like a huge sliced of Kiwi fruit flying in line formation. Made no noise but fast, today 2011 there are no reports or sightings of these flying objects. (5 years and 1546 days ago)

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