Squawky Squawk Boxes - created by Drivenslush

Squawky Squawk Boxes
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Made this after a visiting the beach and the freepin seagulls are NOISY

source and photos (5 years and 1328 days ago)

cool looking - created by Se7eN0f9

cool looking
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Tag kiwi watch for sale... - created by housy

Tag kiwi watch for sale...
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my hubby was so fond of watches and i make him one using the kiwis...i use cs5. (5 years and 1327 days ago)

inside python - created by kushpatel

inside python
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thanks to sxc.hu
& t-florie

short sbs:
1take python image>extract>cut
2sourceimage>extract>set on python image
3knife image>place b/w
4blood splt>liquify>setting manualy
5finalization>colour etc
(5 years and 1326 days ago)

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under the scope - created by kenchoy25

under the scope
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