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Download the provided image and manipulate it in any way you want. Good luck!

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Replaced - created by dreamboy

Favs: 9SBS: n/aHi-resRank: 1/20Score: 59.9% (35)20921 views

(5 years and 2475 days ago)

3 Sources:

The Light Bulb City of Kandor - created by elliejane

The Light Bulb City of Kandor
Favs: 3SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 2/20Score: 58% (30)23109 views

Inspired by the Bottle City of Kandor from the Superman Comics. Used source, with various PS brushes and filters. And the screw fitting of a different light bulb from SXC.

(I am listing two images as "reference only". Because the original material was a comic, part of my reference/inspiration came from a drawn image. I hope this is allowed? You can find it on the first reference link, to a blog page, second image down. The second ref is a pic on an page.) (5 years and 2472 days ago)

3 Sources:

Fleeing - created by Brunheroti

Favs: 3SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 3/20Score: 57.2% (25)17143 views

I thank the stocks and in particular the cybersb ... (5 years and 2470 days ago)

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light spider - created by zambrottix

light   spider
Favs: 1SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 4/20Score: 57.1% (20)13111 views

(5 years and 2471 days ago)

Green Light - created by Gransbergis

Green Light
Favs: 0SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 5/20Score: 55.6% (15)16157 views

(5 years and 2477 days ago)