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City Guardian Picture

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City Guardian - created by orientallad

City Guardian
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City Guardian

Source image and digital painting only, No textures or ready made brushes were used except for Guardian's hair, all details have been painted by Photoshop CS and CS3, I used some tutorials and one reference to make lion's face and anatomy, shading and details are all mine way.

I was inspired by events those have broken out lately in my country, the demonstrations and protestations of wide mass of people made government disregard security of the country which made up a huge mess and unsecured position, people had to assume the security themselves but it went far wrong, in that case we were extremely in need of a City Guardian, because I know he does not exist so I drew it myself.

Overcast clouds represents the danger that lurks for the city, the sunset view portend for the end of the day when danger takes place which is the time that City Guardian launches the state of emergency and start up his duty, the lion represents for the power and superiority of the Guardian over outlaws since he could train a lion he could defeat the outlaws, crossing pose means lion is covering Guardian's back and watching the opposite gateway of the city and that Guardian is keeping the eye on the city.
(5 years and 2485 days ago)

Come Home Soon - created by fatz8016

Come Home Soon
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credits to magikstock (5 years and 2486 days ago)

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knights - created by Hct3400

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Hot and Cold - created by siderismaris

Hot and Cold
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credits and thanks: http://tanit-isis-stock.deviantart.com
brushes created by hawksmont - http://hawksmont.deviantart.com
http://redheadstock.deviantart.com (5 years and 2488 days ago)

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Don't do it! - created by 273Kelvin

Dont do it!
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My first crack at this with photoshop. Had a lot of fun and learned a lot from it.
I primarily used layer masks and adjustment layers and filters to achieve this.
Thanks for any feedback.

Photographs courtesy of: Kenn W. Kiser & Nino Andonis
(5 years and 2489 days ago)

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