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Suggested by: mqtrf

DML: That rock seems a crouched dragon looking back, at least for me,jejeje ( 5 years and 2789 days ago )
mqtrf: Creo que tienes que dejar las drogas, jajaja ( 5 years and 2787 days ago )

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good morning Nocturns - created by dekwid

good morning Nocturns
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no special things on this pix, all done with the basic techniques in doing some manips on pictures. One of many tuts dealing with this kind of photo manips can be found at (5 years and 2787 days ago)

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Huff, the Magic Dragon - created by artgirl1935

Huff, the Magic Dragon
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Maybe this is Puff's brother or sister??? All done with source photo except for birds. Middle rock became the dragon. Dragon and ships were all drawn in using the brush tools. Details in SBS Thanks to the following at morguefile: clarita for the flying seagull group, rosevita for the flying seagull, and Ikc for the walking seagull. (5 years and 2783 days ago)

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Sup? - created by ponti55

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Knut the polar bear.. very interesting story.

Thanks to Drezdany-stocks

Please view in high res! :D (5 years and 2789 days ago)

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coucher du soleil (SUNSET) - created by ankitsuhaill

coucher du soleil (SUNSET)
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My first entry in pxleyes contest...

just used some highlight and color mixing to achieve the effect...

note: the source image 3(The river) is owned by robertovm from and the owner of this file is informed. (5 years and 2787 days ago)

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Ruins - created by GreenArt

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Source image was used for the textures .
All other images are from sxc

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