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Wait a minute...?! - created by ceebeeart

Wait a minute...?!
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... (5 years and 2836 days ago)

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Joe & Mickey - created by Irse

Joe & Mickey
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According to wikipedia, the first 4 way, 3 color traffic light was invented by a policeman in Detroit in 1920. I thought this was surprisingly early, so I took some inspiration from it.

Meet Joe & Mickey...proud new owners of Genco Imports and Bull's Gym respectively. Shrewdly located next to one of the few traffic lights in town....location, location, location...

While I didn't follow any specific tutorial from there, I would like to thank psdtuts for their tuts on grunge effects. Also thanks to ValerianaSTOCK, Aconyte-Stock, Fantasy Stock, digital--angel, Falln-Stock, Glo-Stock-Vintage of DA and faceme of Flickr for their source photos. (5 years and 2835 days ago)

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Robot Woman - created by Lamantine

Robot Woman
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(5 years and 2835 days ago)

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Relationship Signal - created by thegrafixgirl

Relationship Signal
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These would be a lotta help for many (5 years and 2834 days ago)

morning lights - created by madelinerayne

morning lights
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after a grueling 4 hours of selecting, transforming, get the idea. :)

morning coffee with table chairs and flowers all from the original orange light on the traffic light. (5 years and 2837 days ago)