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In this contest, your task is to imagine how modern things would look like in ancient times. Take a modern object and make it appear ancient by using the materials and technology that were used in those days. For example, a stone iPhone or a wooden laptop.

Be creative and original. How ancient you make your object look is up to you. You can even make it look like something from the 1960s... but you can also chose a stone age approach...

Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Lamantine

Kid: interesting....:O ( 5 years and 2732 days ago )
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Lamantine: hey ! i've got an idea but i'm not good enough at photoshop to make it anyone interested please pm me the first to pm me will get the idea ( 5 years and 2727 days ago )

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For Gents On The Move! - created by Geexman

For Gents On The Move!
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stripped gramophone trumpet , copied and flipped horizontal....added gramophone player in centre of image...made pipes by smudging existing pipe ends to meet trumpets.
Added noise, colour matched to background and added text
Strap was made by using brush tool + bevel effect (5 years and 2725 days ago)

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Great Granny's New Contraption - created by pearlie

Great Grannys New Contraption
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I remember the day well, we were all called to Granny and Grampa's house for the delivery. What a fine day it was, too, when the shiny brass-and-pipes-and-gauges and such was first used after the grand spring party. All Granny had to do was crank 'er up a few times, and it started, sputterin' and steamin', making mounds of suds, and it cleaned all the dishes to a sparkling clean. What a fabulous new contraption! Thanks, Granpa, now Granny's the envy of the neighborhood.

Parts is parts as they say, used shiny brass parts from several vintage items, a couple of brushes and basic ps tools.

The victorian house is a personal photo, this is a renovated house in Gainesville, FL where I had the good fortune to work as a graphic artist in the early 80s for an ad agency whose office was moved there. (original photos are in sbs.) (5 years and 2728 days ago)

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prototype - created by lolu

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(5 years and 2727 days ago)

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Discover the World - created by Shamath

Discover the World
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clocked in time - created by MrHack

clocked in time
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