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Now landing could be ... Picture

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In this contest, your goal is to create an image where one element of a duo is turned upside down, while the other element stays in the original position. The two elements must be closely related to each other and must be interact in some way. (eg. a dogwalker and his dog on a leash, a person eating food, a golfer and his golfclub, a DJ and his turntable, a crane lifting a heavy object, a person driving a car, ...)
Animals, people and objects can all be combined, as long as they interact in some way in every day life... except, one of both elements should be upside down.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: tapiona

iquraishi: sounds like an interesting but tough competitions.. ( 5 years and 2752 days ago )

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Now landing could be ... - created by Alan2641

Now landing could be ...
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Thanks to Macomb Paynes for the image (5 years and 2750 days ago)

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Climbing.....err up? - created by Geexman

Climbing.....err up?
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If you dont get it straight away please see the flipped version on SBS. (5 years and 2749 days ago)

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Magic Mirror - created by phillp

Magic Mirror
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All source images are my own
(5 years and 2749 days ago)

new laptop - created by basem11361

new  laptop
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thanks to len-k-a for working with laptop6 image (5 years and 2750 days ago)

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At the Beach - created by bjaockx

At the Beach
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Even though daddy is big, baby Huey has the strength to raise him above his head.

Thanks to SCervino and Grunow at SXC for use of their wonderful stock! (5 years and 2750 days ago)

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