Bad Hair Day - created by JustinCase

Bad Hair Day
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Bean Stalk - created by JustinCase

Bean Stalk
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Creature - created by erikuri

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One night, you're walking in a park, when suddenly a creature arises from the ground and catch you... good night!... (5 years and 1639 days ago)

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Trichophobia and Ablutophobia - created by Drivenslush

Trichophobia and Ablutophobia
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Fear of hair and washing

Had a roommate in college who would wake me up in the morning and ask me to check the bathroom to see if there was hair on the soap. There never was but he was so terrified there would be that he had to ask me to check or he couldn't use the bathroom.

(He had his own private bathroom growing up (only child) and developed a phobia to using other peoples bathroom)

I cured him of his fear by wrapping several strands of hair around a bar of soap and chasing him around the apartment until he wasn't afraid of it any more.

Inspiration for this piece :) (5 years and 1641 days ago)