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Take any photo of an animal and turn it into an armoured animal. For example, you could give it a helmet, weapons, a kevlar vest, ... or anything that might protect it from attacks. You can use both modern and antique armour, and even invent new types of armour.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: hereisanoop

hereisanoop: thanks for choosing my suggestion.... ( 5 years and 2752 days ago )
torzonhot: it seems so interesting;ready to see a modern army of animals ( 5 years and 2752 days ago )
CMYK46: Might be time to clarify this. Some entries have guns, but no armor. It seems like armor is the focus of the contest, no? ( 5 years and 2750 days ago )
hereisanoop: armour is the theme of this contest... ( 5 years and 2750 days ago )
jawshoewhah: I think people are getting "armed" and "armored" confused as the same thing. ( 5 years and 2748 days ago )
jawshoewhah: Oh hey I found the definition for armored animals. used of animals; provided with protective covering. Giving the animal just a gun is not on theme. It has to be covered, like a knight covering a man in Medieval times. ( 5 years and 2748 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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warhammer gorilla - created by puppetized

warhammer gorilla
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by mharrsch on flickr
by randychiu on flickr
by kinsum on sxc
by jusone on sxc (5 years and 2747 days ago)

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Industrial Age Re-Con - created by pearlie

Industrial Age Re-Con
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It was an age of inventions and steampowered machines of all kinds. This is one of the last Birds of Prey called upon in wartime to aid the Allies - stealth at night, faster than a speeding locomotive - always.
Basic photoshop tools - warp, burn, dodge, a few layer effects and a brush. These are very old photos, I know most parts are pixelated, blurred the ones further back. EDIT: I've just come across a tutorial on how to sharpen such images, and it worked - mostly on the center section over the eagle's body.
:-) (5 years and 2750 days ago)

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The Monkey Rebel - created by langstrum

The Monkey Rebel
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The small monkeys are fighting against the emperor of Ape (King Warhammer Gorilla :D, you can see him running behind the Mecha, sorry for the author of King Warhammer, I just made the blur shadow of him, just to make the story ^^). They developed a machine call the Monkey Mecha, protecting them in the battle and become the best fighter on the Planet of Ape ^^.
Only the monkey is the external source from stupid-dancer (deviantart). The rest was done by drawing (you can see detail in the SBS, it took me 4 days to finish).
Also credits to Wacom for making such a nice tablet, I love it :x (5 years and 2747 days ago)

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RhinoForce - created by nasirkhan

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(5 years and 2747 days ago)

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Battle Wasp - created by erathion

Battle Wasp
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biborné veres dorottya-

Thanks for the great image of the wasp...

Please watch High Resolution before voting....Thanks guys (5 years and 2746 days ago)

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