Ekphrasis to Guernica - created by Drivenslush

Ekphrasis to Guernica
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Subtitle, I'm Afraid of Me

An Ekphrasis to Picasso's Guernica

Got the Idea from the design shapes of the Guernica by Picasso

I created a image from the source pic and my own photos

(the Ekpharasis is digital photography manipulation to Painting)

Guernica was the inspiration NOT USED AS REFERENCE

(5 years and 2881 days ago)

Birds Of Paradise - created by George55

Birds Of Paradise
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Only image used for the making of this entry, was provided by pxleyes as source image. The rest is Photoshop. (5 years and 2878 days ago)

He Is Risen - created by artgirl1935

He Is Risen
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l thought an Easter themed entry would be appropriate at this special time of the year. Green stems, leaves and buds are brushed in, bricks, container (vase), cross and flowers are created from the source meter guard photo. Thanks to demondimum for the photo of Christ on the cross at morguefile.com (5 years and 2879 days ago)

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Captive - created by erikuri

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I was watching a movie starred by Morgan Freeman, where he was a detective looking for his missing niece, so there came the inspiration.

Thanks to Neonihil at Flickr. (5 years and 2879 days ago)

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Gas-tronomical Journey - created by lchappell

Gas-tronomical Journey
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Source only (5 years and 2879 days ago)