Fighter - created by nasirkhan

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Lost Chance - created by genuine2009

Lost Chance
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Thanks to ''mjranum'' for source 1
Thanks to ''unholy'' for source 2 (5 years and 2871 days ago)

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Cellophane Windmill - created by Drivenslush

Cellophane Windmill
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Beach photo I took at Thanksgiving combined with source

Have a friend who collects light houses and they are all over her house, so I'm always looking to buy them for her :)

I used the idea of a light house to design the windmill (5 years and 2874 days ago)

Recycled Metal Wall Decoration - created by George55

Recycled Metal Wall Decoration
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All items used for this decoration are from source image. (5 years and 2871 days ago)

Urban Mushrooms - created by vertigo

Urban Mushrooms
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