Accusation and guilt - created by divair

Accusation and guilt
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Models by Marcus Ranum

Texture by CSnyder (5 years and 2789 days ago)

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Insight - created by divair

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Python by Thomas Rennert -

Man by Kimi Bono

Stormy sky

Birds brushes by Obsidian Down

Lightenings by Obsedian Down (5 years and 2786 days ago)

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surrealism_4b7c7c66e3e81 - created by genuine2009

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-Thanks to "mjranum-stock" for source 1
-Thanks to "MaureenOlder" for source 2
-Thanks to "resurgere" for source 3
-Thanks to "zatrokz" for source 4
-Thanks to "wingsofahero" for source 5
-Thanks to "Custom0305" for source 6
-Thanks to "ARCH. FRAN MARIE I. FLORES " for source 7

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Wish u were here - created by erathion

Wish u were here
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Valentine's Kingdom - created by langstrum

Valentines Kingdom
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Finally I can finish that woerk, so happy, it took me the whole week, phewww...

This is the kingdom of St. Valentine on the waterfall. The main land in the center is where families live and raise the children. When they grow up, the boys will go to the Castle of the Warrior Prince, the girls will go to the Castle of the Witch Princess. They will be trained there until they find the other half of their life. The mainland where love grows was built by fire from the ancient volcano. The Castle of Warrior Prince built from Earth Element, and the Castle of Witch Princess was from Water Element. Each castle has its own statue of the Castle Guardian. St. Valentine, now is the God of Air, takes care of his kingdom, with the helps of his Giant Golems who always stand outside the kingdom.

Great thanks to rivendell-photostock, lounalovegood-stock, ravengirl-stock, shd-stock, unholy-stock, kiwirose-stock, night-fate-stock, decemburr-days, gailjohnson, schaduwvacht (on Deviantart) for their stock images.
I also credit other authors on Deviantart for their stock, but there are not enough links provided, so I list here:
greenleaf-stock for the view of Provence, France (
momotte2stocks for the photo of the mountain
mayah-stock for the stock of the rocks (
le-scud for the photo of the cloud (
redheadstock for the tree brushes (
and photodream-stock for the grass pattern (
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