Basket Case - created by pingenvy

Basket Case
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All elements of my picture are from my own photos, except the receding strips, which were drawn with the pen tool. Although I have seen many pieces inspired by tutorials, I have seen too many that did not give due credit. The woven effect was inspired by this tutorial >>> This being said, I consider it to be a starting point for a complete composition, rather than the simple square that would result from the tut. (5 years and 2787 days ago)

A night in the library... - created by KingRafox

A night in the library...
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Yeah what can i say (:? (5 years and 2786 days ago)

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Cold - created by lchappell

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Depression Hurts - created by donh

Depression Hurts
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surrealism_4b7ad9f7dac88 - created by puppetized

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