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Sasquatch footprints revealed Picture

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By donh
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Suggested by: Feodora

jaescoe21: where did you get this picture?? are there any more like this, besides the hand?? ( 5 years and 2857 days ago )
Feodora: I took them at the Musei Capitolini in Rome, the hand and the foot are about 1,700 years old, built in 325. They are part of a big statue of Constantine. ( 5 years and 2856 days ago )
jaescoe21: thats amazing. they look weird but really cool at the same time ( 5 years and 2856 days ago )
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Sasquatch footprints revealed - created by donh

Sasquatch footprints revealed
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(5 years and 2858 days ago)

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Overcompensating ? - created by Barnacle

Overcompensating ?
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(5 years and 2856 days ago)

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Lost Foot - created by Mario

Lost Foot
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Fix it !
Wrong picture uploaded first time, sorry
Thanks for telling me (5 years and 2859 days ago)

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The Hulk - created by langstrum

The Hulk
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He's coming back, much stronger!!
Credits to:
razorboi (DA) for the soldier with gun
artiefartsie-tjitsie (DA) for the scared face
FantasyStock (DA) for the aircrafts
loewenhoehle (DA) for the helicopter
Nemesis_19 (DA) for the soldier
Digitalhomicide (DA) for the tank
theflickerees_stock (DA) for the batterfield background (5 years and 2858 days ago)

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Do I Have Athlete's Tongue? - created by jaescoe21

Do I Have Athletes Tongue?
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(5 years and 2857 days ago)

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