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The x-ray wavelength is extremely short, so x-rays have a very high frequency that we cannot see with the naked eye. The x in x-rays initially stood for something mysterious... Today people prefer the term rontgen rays (because Wilhelm Rontgen accidently discovered them).

What can we do with x-rays in Photoshop? In practice, x-rays pass through many solid objects and are used by doctors to examine human and animal bones and teeth. With x-ray vision they can actually see the bones. This is what we're going to simulate in photoshop! Take any image of a living being and show how it looks in x-ray vision! (either partially or completely)

Required level: 5+ or higher.
Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

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X-ray fisherman - created by boogeyman

X-ray fisherman
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Made with poser (skeleton) and PS (rest of image)

All comments are welcome :) (5 years and 2721 days ago)

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mobile with x-ray feature - created by nasirkhan

mobile with x-ray feature
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Thanks to night fate (5 years and 2718 days ago)

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Frog X-ray - created by nasirkhan

Frog X-ray
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Thanks to ukapala and Adam Ciesielski (adamci) (5 years and 2720 days ago)

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X-Ray Glasses - created by animmax

X-Ray Glasses
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(5 years and 2720 days ago)

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Inside A Wine Connoisseur - created by donh

Inside A Wine Connoisseur
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Just a pic I took of my mother-in law.upgrade from PST. (5 years and 2716 days ago)

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