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Let's have some fun in our kitchens. Take a good look at those items you use everyday: bowls, plates, knives, forks, cheese graters, colanders etc. Not only can these items help in the art of entertaining but, today, they can also help in the art of making great photographs. So, take that spoon out of your mouth and photograph it!

The rules of this contest are thus: Capture in a photograph, kitchenware as your subject. Look at their wonderful colors and shapes and show them to us in a new and exciting way.

All major appliances, ie: refridgerater, stove, dishwasher, use them and be disqualified (they will not be accepted, not even as secondary items or backgrounds)

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: gibbsld

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Set of glasses - created by patty

Set of glasses
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(5 years and 1588 days ago)

How sweet it is! - created by gibbsld

How sweet it is!
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(5 years and 1590 days ago)

Just forking around...... - created by captgeo

Just forking around......
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Tea for two, and two more - created by awediot

Tea for two, and two more
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Ohhh - created by friiskiwi

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