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Photograph something that went wrong. Small accidents only, one where you said 'Oops'. No natural disasters or car accidents with people hurt, fender benders would be OK.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: friiskiwi

kyricom: I think it means "oops" ( 5 years and 1505 days ago )
Wayne Cheah: Oooopsss..... ( 5 years and 1505 days ago )
meatman: IMO, a lot of these entries are not "oops" material. ( 5 years and 1498 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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My Catch - created by Remsphoto

My Catch
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(5 years and 1503 days ago)

Whoa.....Dude! - created by photogirl723

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(5 years and 1500 days ago)

I broke my nose - created by roon

I broke my nose
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(5 years and 1504 days ago)

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Sorry Dude but get out the way! - created by cabldawg71

Sorry Dude but get out the way!
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During a fun day of shooting kids sledding this and many more little accidents happened. No one was hurt in the picture. (5 years and 1504 days ago)

Out on a limb - created by friiskiwi

Out on a limb
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(5 years and 1499 days ago)