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Posting letters in a lion

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They're everywhere. All sorts of shapes and colours. Let's see what different types of postboxes are used in your town/country. For this contest, private letterboxes will be considered off topic - we want to see public postboxes only. They should still be in use. Therefore no museum and related pieces will be allowed.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Heathcliffe

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Posting letters in a lion's moutn - created by janoogee

Posting letters in a lions moutn
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Lady putting letters into a public post box shaped like a lion's head in Cordoba. (5 years and 1558 days ago)

Royal Mail Post Box - created by Draco

Royal Mail Post Box
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Elizabeth II Post Box. London, United Kingdom (5 years and 1555 days ago)

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Drive thru or not - created by janoogee

Drive thru or not
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3 mail boxed that can be used as drive up or walk up to deposit mail (5 years and 1553 days ago)

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Folk - created by patty

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(5 years and 1554 days ago)

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Country Store Mailbox - created by photogirl723

Country Store Mailbox
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(5 years and 1560 days ago)

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