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Along the world's highways, byways and back roads, there are some charming and unusual signs. Your mission is to take a photo of an interesting and/or unique sign. It could be a vintage sign posted to a fence, a sign for a B&B, a diner, restaurant, town. But.....NO traffic or traditional highway signs. These will be considred off-theme. Happy travels and show us a sign!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: photogirl723

Artifakts: We're ok the ths signs must be a "stand out", "beware", "keep out", or something like that, sign ? ( 5 years and 1286 days ago )
Artifakts: Forget what I said ... I made a mistake intranslation, Stand out / Stay out. ( 5 years and 1286 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Beaware ... - created by Artifakts

Beaware ...
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... But beware of what ?
Beware not to fall or beware of the falling people ? ^_^ (5 years and 1286 days ago)

Cedar Key Sign - created by MnMCarta

Cedar Key Sign
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(5 years and 1281 days ago)

Beware of the Chikens - created by Lorena_99

Beware of the Chikens
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(5 years and 1278 days ago)

octapus - created by roon

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(5 years and 1286 days ago)

And what if.... - created by Clinge

And what if....
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(5 years and 1283 days ago)