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There are a lot of species of it. We can find it almost everywhere in the world. Some are beautiful, other are digusting, some are tasty, other poisonous ... Anyway which one you choose but please show some creativity by uploading a picture of one or more mushrooms.

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Under the big one ! - created by Artifakts

Under the big one !
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Feeling like a bug ... (5 years and 1505 days ago)

Trio of funghi - created by siduck68

Trio of funghi
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Take from ground level up towards the light with a reflector to light the underneath of the fungi in situ. (5 years and 1504 days ago)

Daddy Long Legs Approaches - created by photogirl723

Daddy Long Legs Approaches
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(5 years and 1505 days ago)

Honey I shrunk the kids. - created by Remsphoto

Honey I shrunk the kids.
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(5 years and 1502 days ago)

Coral Fungi - created by friiskiwi

Coral Fungi
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(5 years and 1502 days ago)