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For this challenge, take your best caption-worthy photograph and create a funny caption to go with it. The caption can be placed in the notes section or in the title. As for the photograph, make it funny! Catch an unexpected moment, a funny look or an odd situation that calls for a funny caption. Use your imagination and create a compelling and funny image that goes with your caption. Any subject matter (within the guidelines) is acceptable for this challenge.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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I won't eat that daddy ! - created by Artifakts

I wont eat that daddy !
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(5 years and 1017 days ago)

Help me escape my friend ! - created by Artifakts

Help me escape my friend !
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(5 years and 1016 days ago)

Will you be my Valentine? - created by friiskiwi

Will you be my Valentine?
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(5 years and 1014 days ago)

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Gone... - created by Clinge

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(5 years and 1017 days ago)

Really thirsty - created by Artifakts

Really thirsty
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Manneken Piss in Brussels (Belgium) (5 years and 1013 days ago)

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