Home - created by Wayne Cheah

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Every living creature, human or animal, needs a home (or house). And a beautiful home, be it a bird's nest for a sparrow or a palace for a king, to come home to makes life that much more "beautiful" That's why a homeless person is that much more piteous. (5 years and 1722 days ago)

Night + Architecture - created by Heathcliffe

Night + Architecture
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I love night photography - and what can be better than a visit to Prague to capture some beautiful scenes of culture and architecture.

Here - is Old Town Square, Prague taken from the Clock Tower, showing Tyn Church (5 years and 1724 days ago)

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Beauty Full Moon..! - created by Rahul Anupam

Beauty Full Moon..!
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one of the most beautiful thing in the universe. And we all know about the reflection of full moon. (5 years and 1720 days ago)

Colorful Night - created by kimlandsiedel

Colorful Night
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(5 years and 1720 days ago)

Sunset - created by Nadhym

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the colors are so beautiful when the sun sets. (5 years and 1720 days ago)

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