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For the children we lost.... Picture

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In this contest, show us droplets of water. You can have the drop reflecting something, dropping into something or just plain sitting on something. No people or animals are allowed in the shot.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

iquraishi: get ready for a lot of spider web shots.. they are beautiful but everytime a droplets contest is held, the spiders start building their cobwebs.. ( 5 years and 1736 days ago )
kyricom: aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh... WATER DROPLETS!!!!!!!! ( 5 years and 1732 days ago )

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For the children we lost.... - created by captgeo

For the children we lost....
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Had this in mind for all the tragedy at the end of the year. (5 years and 1732 days ago)

Dew - created by awinibhat

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(5 years and 1735 days ago)

Reflection - created by awinibhat

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(5 years and 1735 days ago)

Crown - created by friiskiwi

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(5 years and 1731 days ago)

Fire Water - created by friiskiwi

Fire Water
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(5 years and 1730 days ago)

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