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Misty Valley in Southern Ontario Picture

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Take a photo that portrays where you live. NOT a photo of your house and also not a photo of a place you visited on vacation! Instead, a photo of where you are in the world. It doesn't have to be a landmark, but it should give viewers an idea of where you live. Make it something interesting.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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friiskiwi: This contest is obviously not going to be totally anonymous. ( 5 years and 1838 days ago )

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Misty Valley in Southern Ontario - created by audreyj

Misty Valley in Southern Ontario
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Taken a couple days ago after waking too early in the morning... decided to go fog chasing. (5 years and 1838 days ago)

Downtown Jacksonville - created by MnMCarta

Downtown Jacksonville
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(5 years and 1838 days ago)

My channel - created by Artifakts

My channel
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We call it "le canal" and you can find it in Belgium, in a vvillage called Estaimpuis. (5 years and 1834 days ago)

Parco acquedotti - created by patty

Parco acquedotti
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A park close to my house.
Often on Sundays I go walking there (5 years and 1838 days ago)

Bridge over St. Johns River - created by MnMCarta

Bridge over St. Johns River
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Florida (5 years and 1831 days ago)

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