Risky Shots 2 - Photography Contest [18 entries]

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Take a photo that involves risk of some sort... potentially harmful to the camera or to the photographer. Show us your bravest shots.

You can either show a photo taken in a risky position, or take a photo of a photographer in a risky position.

Please state the "risk" in the description. Water drops on the camera does not fit in the risky category.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

kyricom: The VAST majority of entries so far don't seem very risky (or even risky at all) ( 5 years and 1188 days ago )
Contest Moderator: They will be dealt with. ( 5 years and 1188 days ago )
kyricom: Gee... my camera and lenses are weather sealed - so many of these shots wouldn't be risky for me. ( 5 years and 1185 days ago )

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Back off - created by Remsphoto

Back off
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Getting close to common non-venomous rat snake.....I think. (5 years and 1185 days ago)

Eventually he'll defend - created by Remsphoto

Eventually hell defend
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Problem with macro is how close you can get without disturbing the subject. In this case it was just stupid getting this close. (5 years and 1187 days ago)

The problems of getting closer... - created by MarcosSanchez

The problems of getting closer...
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The problem is not the bees that I see , the ones I do not see is that it is... (5 years and 1182 days ago)

Agressive - created by Remsphoto

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This goose saw me 30 years away from his hens and began his attack. He vocalized the whole way over which got louder and then his head dropped. Not a bluff as he attacked my shoes and pants. I've seen worse but he would have really panicked children. (5 years and 1183 days ago)

protecting my babies - created by apacheeye

protecting my babies
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A mother with her babies on her back. Taken at night up close. (5 years and 1188 days ago)