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Now that the self-portrait contest is over and many (like myself) are a bit camera-shy to enter, how about a contest to show images that depict, illustrate or explain the avatars / names of members? As we have people from all over the world, the names (except for those who enter their personal names) don't mean much and even sounded strange. Anything goes, except it must have meaningful connection to the avatar or name.

You can depict any member's name or avatar. Please put the Username of the Avatar you are depicting in the title.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Wayne Cheah

UncleJimmy: Is this anonymous? It could be very easy if we are explaining our name or avatar to guess the author...just wondering before I enter something... ( 5 years and 1328 days ago )
Wayne Cheah: I am not sure if the Mods approve as it departs from the anonymity requirement, but by its nature it is not anonymous as your photo is to "depict, illustrate or explain" your avatar. We just want to know, through your artistic image, why you chose the avatar you did, and through the submitted image (or description) explains the meaning of it. It of course shouldn't be another self-portrait. For example, in your case, an artistic photo to "depict, illustrate or explain" "itsmymoment" We all will know its you, what we want to see is how best your image in an artistic way "depicts, illustrates or explains" it. Anonymity shouldn't be an issue here as voting is based on the artistic quality of the image and how, in a meaningful way, it relates to or explains the avatar. Though it's my suggestion, I hope I got it right. If not the Mods can correct me. I was hoping to see images that explore, in an artistic way, the personal idiosyncrasies of members here, and what better way than through their avatars? ( 5 years and 1328 days ago )
solkee: Now I'm even more confused. Is this about our avatars or our usernames? ( 5 years and 1327 days ago )
Contest Moderator: The way I see it, this contest is about illustrating with a photograph, any members user name or avatar.
It is not about illustrating your own name or avatar,but you can of course do that. ( 5 years and 1327 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Captgeo - created by captgeo

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I have the privilege of serving my community as a Fire Captain, hence CaptGeo. I have, what I consider, the best job in the world. My duties are to command and lead fine young men like this in all kinds of dangerous situations. (5 years and 1325 days ago)

aqua - created by tweety

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(5 years and 1321 days ago)

Drivenlush - created by lincemiope

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(5 years and 1325 days ago)

light - created by tweety

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username: light

potato powered light

http://www.ehow.com/how_5071857_make-potato-powered-light-bulb.html (5 years and 1322 days ago)

InklingsofBlue - created by LewisBroadbent

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InklingsofBlue > hints of blue (5 years and 1323 days ago)