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We all see clouds that make up a familiar shape or symbol. Find some clouds and take a shot of one that is as such. Name the Photo what you feel the shot is. If it does not fit what the title is then it will be off theme.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: MnMCarta

jerostone: Do clouds created by jetliners qualify, providing of-course that the aircarft would not be in the picture? ( 5 years and 2092 days ago )
Kmarkor01: no cause those arent considered clouds, there contrails ( 5 years and 2090 days ago )
jerostone: From wikipedia:
Contrails, short for "condensation trails" or vapour trails, are long thin artificial clouds that sometimes form behind aircraft.
Meaning that, artificial or otherwise, they still fall into the ''Clouds'' general category, or so I came to understand it. ( 5 years and 2089 days ago )
Contest Moderator: For this contest I will accept them. ( 5 years and 2088 days ago )

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Question Mark "?" - created by MnMCarta

Question Mark "?"
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(5 years and 2093 days ago)

dog - created by lincemiope

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(5 years and 2093 days ago)

The Mark of Zorro - created by Rumi

The Mark of Zorro
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A short-lived but spectacular display of the sun's interplay with the clouds. Camera settings were not at their optimum at the time so apologies for the quality. (5 years and 2091 days ago)

volcano - created by matka

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(5 years and 2089 days ago)

Dove - created by riady

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