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Who does not like to eat chocolate? In this contest your task is to take a shot of anything which represents chocolate. It might be a chocolate bar, a chocolate fountain, cocoa, hot chocolate, etc... Be creative and good luck !

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
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I started with a full box - created by friiskiwi

I started with a full box
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I'll take that one - created by Remsphoto

Ill take that one
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Pile of chocolate - created by kumar

Pile of chocolate
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Pralines - created by Artifakts

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I shot these chocolates for a friend who began to create his own pralines.
It was the first time I shot chocolate and I found it bland. Then I had the idea to coat them with oil.
What do you think about it ? (5 years and 2154 days ago)

maltesers! - created by m0nm0n

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