Old Building - created by jerostone

Old Building
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The image was post-processed by means of photoshop !
1) Image 2) Adjustments 3) photo filter/sepia 4) Use of slider (5 years and 2277 days ago)

Only in the Country - created by OliviaRemy

Only in the Country
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digitally post-processed (5 years and 2277 days ago)

Axxx - created by mazanda

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image/adjustments/saturation: -100

image/adjustments/photo filter/sepia/preserve luminosity/density 100% (5 years and 2273 days ago)

A Known Mystery - created by RadfordMark

A Known Mystery
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I took this photo in New Zealand, on the 25th Jan 2011.
This photo was taken during the sunset with a 30 sec shutter speed and then the colours were slightly adjusted to enhance the effect of the model. (5 years and 2276 days ago)

Leaf - created by lepojevic

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capture in colour sepia processing acdsee pro (5 years and 2273 days ago)