St Mark's Square, Venice - created by cdstrachan

St Marks Square, Venice
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St Mark's Square, Venice.

B&W conversion, split toning in Lightroom (5 years and 2270 days ago)

Quite Canals - created by gsharpe62

Quite Canals
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This photo was taken in Venice on a quite back alley with hardly any people and very little noise. This effect was attained in post processing. (5 years and 2267 days ago)

Be Focused - created by vysakhk

Be Focused
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Post Processing usin Adobe Photoshop CS5 (5 years and 2271 days ago)

Foggy Morning - created by friiskiwi

Foggy Morning
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converted to b/w and sepia in PS (5 years and 2272 days ago)

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Graveyard - created by cdstrachan

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A cross in a mistry graveyard, black and white conversion and split/toning in lightroom. (5 years and 2269 days ago)