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By roon
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Humans have been around for hundreds of thousands of years, but the harnessing of electricity was a main step in making our lives significantly easier. For this contest, anything with a power cord or is battery powered will be on theme. Just using a cord is not enough though, it must be POWERED by electricity.

So, for example, just showing speakers (by themselves) would be off theme, even though they use cords. Show us an artistic shot of a TV, a lamp, computer... No humans and animals are allowed in your shot.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: robvdn

friiskiwi: I'm confused, anything battery operated is O.K.? ( 5 years and 3132 days ago )
jeaniblog: Does a power cord have to be in shot? ( 5 years and 3128 days ago )

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dryer - created by roon

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(5 years and 3131 days ago)

Electric City - created by xsingthesorrowo

Electric City
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An electrical tower on top of a mountain. (5 years and 3128 days ago)

Mini amplifyer - Maxi noise ! - created by Artifakts

Mini amplifyer - Maxi noise !
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it runs on batteries and on outlet (5 years and 3128 days ago)

Infinite Lighting - created by Ory

Infinite Lighting
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(5 years and 3126 days ago)

Electric Guitar - created by bartoszwozniak

Electric Guitar
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This is an image taken of my electric guitar. It was a long exposure, on a tripods with torch work around the guitar. (A cold LED light was shone on the background and a warmer, bulb torch was shone on the guitar itself) I also made the squiggly patterns on the guitar, to represent playing, action and electricity. (5 years and 3130 days ago)