Where The Smurf's Live - created by camschuckie

Where The Smurfs Live
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. (5 years and 2824 days ago)

Mushroom umbrella - created by patty

Mushroom umbrella
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(5 years and 2822 days ago)

Puff-balls - created by UncleJimmy

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(5 years and 2823 days ago)

Houseplant Stowaway - created by dollmommy

Houseplant Stowaway
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Found these in my hanging spider plant. (5 years and 2819 days ago)

Yellow Morel Close to Sunset - created by pingenvy

Yellow Morel Close to Sunset
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I took this picture on a shrooming trip to Michigan. In person, it was a thing of beauty! You must know the taste of morels to understand. :) (5 years and 2823 days ago)