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As the simple title says, for this contest we want you to take a picture of something or someone sitting on a branch. It can be a bird, a squirrel or even a child. It has to be a living being, though, a leaf for example, does not count. And the branch also has to be attached to the tree. Dead branches on the ground also don't count. Have fun!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: Giulia

friiskiwi: Your description of waht is allowed, seems to be very good and clear this week. ( 5 years and 2894 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Robert De Nir-Owl - created by Artifakts

Robert De Nir-Owl
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You talkin' to me ? (5 years and 2893 days ago)

Out on a branch - created by Remsphoto

Out on a branch
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This chicken hawk rests for a second until the local bluejay tells him he's not welcome. (5 years and 2888 days ago)

Monkeys in a tree - created by outbackjack

Monkeys in a tree
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Taken at the zoo. I wonder who does their hair? (5 years and 2892 days ago)

out of the nest - created by falkor

out of the nest
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these chicks are on their first day out of the nest. (5 years and 2886 days ago)

Breakfast - created by wind

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(5 years and 2887 days ago)