Fresh veges now... - created by mellanieb

Fresh veges now...
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After a lot of hard work, we come out of our back door and select all our home grown veges. (5 years and 2089 days ago)

rock ladder - created by SlashCross

rock ladder
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(5 years and 2085 days ago)

Very slow progress here, - created by friiskiwi

Very slow progress here,
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and once this have been uploaded, I really must go and pull those weeds and plant the bulbs. (5 years and 2085 days ago)

The Leakage Project - created by nofue

The Leakage Project
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The joy of buying an old house is sometimes lost when pipes break and most of the kitchen sinks into mud and gravel. This is the "after" shot :) (5 years and 2089 days ago)

Drive Through - created by Gubbles

Drive Through
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I went away to a dog show for the weekend and came back to find this straddling our driveway. My husband decided to try his hand at stone walling and before he knew it he'd built a drive through gazebo. (5 years and 2086 days ago)