No! You can't have a bath yet - created by madamemonty

No! You cant have a bath yet
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Well it really is a work in progress. The title... that's what the plumber said to me the other day (5 years and 2099 days ago)

Room to grow - created by snappler

Room to grow
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After a couple of cool summers with little production from the garden I'm ready for an early start in the spring. (5 years and 2099 days ago)

den reno - created by serious

den reno
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bought an old house with terrazzo floors first step tile (5 years and 2097 days ago)

Colour Room - created by Siminho90

Colour Room
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More colours and flowers need! hehe ;) (5 years and 2098 days ago)

The Ponderosa - created by Gubbles

The Ponderosa
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When we bought our block of land six years ago it had a pond but it was completely surrounded by native bush and stock fenced. We removed some of the bush and fencing on one side and opened it up so we could access it from our lawn and to provide a landing and resting area for ducks. My husband built a deck out over the pond and a jetty along with stone walled gardens and pillars.This is the view from one end of the pond taken just on sunset. (5 years and 2097 days ago)