Flowers - created by CorneliaMladenova

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I also tried to paint something. Used Brush Pens, Water Colors, and please, don't laugh at me too much- Nail Polish and Correction Fluid- the water colors I found somewhere in the kitchen was of such low quality that I needed something to brighten them up with. (5 years and 1954 days ago)

buke's - created by chandershekhar

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i have used only Hb pencil for drawing (5 years and 1953 days ago)

love's one - created by chandershekhar

loves one
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dedicate to all mom's in the world (5 years and 1952 days ago)

Tulip - created by robvdn

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Used pencils 6B through 4H, eraser and a tissue. Decided at the last moment to split the top leave in 2.

Steps are photo's, the entry is a scan. Just used PS to scan and crop the image.

No source used. (5 years and 1954 days ago)

Fly trap - created by jsk123

Fly trap
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(5 years and 1950 days ago)