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DIGITAL DRAWING: Using a digital drawing program, draw an image of what "Old Man Winter" looks like in your imagination. This can be anything, as long as it's clear how your drawing is related to "Old Man Winter". If it's not obvious, don't forget to explain it in your description.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: tapiona

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mbaye: mbayefatima76@yahoo.co.uk

Hello Dear
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Howdie stranger!
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Don't be afraid, baby - created by langstrum

Dont be afraid, baby
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Snowman is trying to protect his dear bunny from Old man winter...
No reference used (5 years and 632 days ago)

My time is over - created by marina08

My time is over
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He is too old, all he can do now is withdraw, pondering on his past times. (5 years and 634 days ago)

Great Father Winter - created by elinoree

Great Father Winter
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(5 years and 635 days ago)

Winter is coming.. - created by nevena

Winter is coming..
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(5 years and 634 days ago)

Oh Winter - created by mxlove

Oh Winter
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Old Man Winter has always been a ghostly figure ever since my childhood. I tried to portray him, therefore, in an abstract way and I found it quite difficult.
Hope you still enjoy this! (5 years and 640 days ago)