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Lost Medal
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Memories - created by shankarsadamate229

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Let's play - created by shankarsadamate229

Lets play
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I used only original source image of steering wheel contest, not outside source images. (5 years and 1115 days ago)

FIVE - created by shankarsadamate229

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So I am showing only 5. This entry created in photoshop with pen tool, marquee tool, brush tool. (5 years and 1122 days ago)

In the Dream - created by shankarsadamate229

In the Dream
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Thanks to sxc.hu &
Luciano Brasil Perottoni for 'Mountain in Bariloche',

foxumon for 'The unfurled bamboo mat',

Belovodchenko Anton for 'The girl poses on ruins'. (5 years and 1134 days ago)

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