After Midnight - created by elemare

After Midnight
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Thanks to for the model, for the interior, for the glass slipper (changed source), and reloj 2 for the clock tower. (5 years and 1170 days ago)

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Diabolical - created by elemare

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No outside sources (5 years and 1219 days ago)

Ivory to Ebony - created by elemare

Ivory to Ebony
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Thanks to queenofblood for the interesting portrait (5 years and 1614 days ago)

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Bird's Eye View - created by elemare

Birds Eye View
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Do these stripes make me look fat? I hope not - he looks hungry! (Poor little bird.)

Thanks to photographer
aljabak for the great shot of the expressive cat. The other source was a feather shape from last week's "Back view" contest. (5 years and 1647 days ago)

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Lust - created by elemare

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Thanks to the creative photographers for their beautiful art:
Marcus Ranum, aka mjranum ( for the woman (Bathing Beauty -1)

justmeina for the man (Sit Left Leg Front)

tudorxrose for the background (Portchester Castle 45) (5 years and 1653 days ago)

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