Venus Flytrap - created by dka120

Venus Flytrap
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Well, this may be more of a plant than a flower. But hey, at least it's botanic! :) Anyway, this is the story:

I started modeling the flower that grows on the Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula), with the flytrap and worm beneath it. The flower part of the plant did however turn up to small in the final setup (because of the "realistic" distance between blades and flower). And that's why I had to discard the blooming part and put all my work on the interesting part - the actual trap - instead.

View it in HI-res; most part of the work was done with the texturing part. (5 years and 2424 days ago)

Classical role-playing - created by dka120

Classical role-playing
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There's a lots of strange dices out there, especially in the world of classic role playing (pen and paper style). So I thought, why did we limit ourselves to the traditional D6?

Every object is self modeled/textured. I used a image from CGTextures for the basic coloring layer of the background table though (see SBS). It all took about 6 hours to render, so I had to cut some effects (such as heavy depth of field and global illumination, high AA/Low AS). (5 years and 2482 days ago)

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Maximus Decimus Helmet - created by dka120

Maximus Decimus Helmet
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A tribute to the Mark Anthony helmet entry by *** :)

I wanted to make something looking like the helmet/mask in the movie Gladiator, (Ridley Scott 2000). I didn't find any blueprints or good pics for reference, so i improvised my own version. The helmet part is spline patched togheter and the mask is sub patched. No Photoshop post processing.

Edit: Added spikes as details to the helmet and modified the grass. (5 years and 2567 days ago)

Train Station - created by dka120

Train Station
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Modeling, texturing and rendering in Lightwave. Color/contrast adjustments in Photoshop.

Only one source - the grass (see link). The rest was made in Lightwave.

Edit: Fixed the bench shadows (thanks CMYK) (5 years and 2589 days ago)

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