Windmill Tech - created by cabldawg71

Windmill Tech
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Clean and Green? Pros and cons of this technology and the effect it has on nature has been wildly disputed. Studies are ongoing. (5 years and 1310 days ago)

Hot Wheels - created by cabldawg71

Hot Wheels
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Toy cars and a very popular collectors item (5 years and 1716 days ago)

dog on it - created by cabldawg71

dog on it
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Our puppy Mojo likes to occupy any given seat as soon as you get up and doesn't care to give it back.
(5 years and 1803 days ago)

hidden gate - created by cabldawg71

hidden gate
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Special thanks to: geishaboy500 and atomicshark
for use of images.
This one was alot of fun for me. Hope you like it. (5 years and 2259 days ago)

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