Whooo Knows ....... - created by Majkman

Whooo Knows .......
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(5 years and 1078 days ago)

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Lottery Winners - created by Majkman

Lottery Winners
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They bought a small places along the California coast and a little bling..... (5 years and 1284 days ago)

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Statues Don't Jump - created by Majkman

Statues Dont Jump
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Did not realize I had to reduce 70% to 600px W.
I used PS to do all this animation..... the idea for me was to learn about an area I never used ....I is not a program made for frame animation..the tweening is of little use ...Although the new time line in cs6 can be used for position and opacity type animations quite useful ..not to me used for this type of exercise . I just showed two quick pics in SBS. (5 years and 1305 days ago)

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31 Hob Path - created by Majkman

31 Hob Path
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did not have enough room :
door thanks to stuart_spivack

planter thanks to/jtadams

grass thanks to darksidex

doorhandle thanks to pimgmx (5 years and 1374 days ago)

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Ok, But I Have To Take Tracy For Her Walk First. - created by Majkman

Ok, But I Have To Take Tracy For Her Walk First.
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I used four of my own photos which I placed at the beginning of the SBS (5 years and 1391 days ago)

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