fountain - created by nicehotcupoftea

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Dad, why is the moon round? - created by nicehotcupoftea

Dad, why is the moon round?
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Have you ever bluffed your way through an answer to a child's question?

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Death by Photoshop - created by nicehotcupoftea

Death by Photoshop
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This is a twist on the classic detective board game Cluedo.
(my photo for the Cluedo board - shown in SBS)
In the PXL variation, the possible murderers are PXL members (chosen purely with artistic criteria!), and the weapons have been replaced by photoshop tools. You have to guess the room, which PXL member did the dastardly deed, and using which photoshop tool.
So.....was it Madamemonty with the Magic Wand in the Ballroom??? (5 years and 529 days ago)

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In-flight spectacle - created by nicehotcupoftea

In-flight spectacle
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Cuptials - created by nicehotcupoftea

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