Chandelier - created by mymy

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Masked the glasses, then I used an outside source as pattern to recreate a chadelier. Each piece is made with the glasses warped and distorted. No outside source in the final result. (5 years and 2611 days ago)

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Ghetto blaster - created by mymy

Ghetto blaster
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Used different sources and textures to recreate a real one.

Rest of sources on step 1 (5 years and 2666 days ago)

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The Garden hat - created by mymy

The Garden hat
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I created the hat with straw texture.
haven't you ever dreamed of having a garden all year round? Well here's the solution ;-)

Rest of the sources are on step 1 to 3

Thanks to:
fetishfaerie-stock for the beautiful girl image
(5 years and 2668 days ago)

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